Home Removals London

BR Removal Services - Home Removals LondonMoving your home belongings from one house to another can be very stressful, especially in London. We know this and we try to make it as easy for you as possible. In order to receive an exact quote and make our job easier, you should note the following things and inform us about them:


Do you have a clear access to the front door of your old and your new location? Is there a parking space for our van? Do we require a parking permit?

Flammable / Dangerous substances:

We will not move any gas bottles, old tins of paint, creosote, paraffin or similar items as these invalidate any insurance and also impose danger to your baggage.

Cooking / Kitchen appliances:

All cooking / kitchen appliances must be disconnected from the electricity, drained and cleaned prior to the removal.


If you have any furniture that needs to be disassembled you should disassemble it before our van arrives. However, you can inform us beforehand and we will include a handyman in the removals team to help with the disassembling / assembling of your furniture.

During the removal:

During the process of the removal it is your responsibility to ensure that our team takes everything that is part of the removal and nothing that should not be removed

When using our services you should be completely worry-free. Our staff is trained in the right lifting, packing and loading techniques. Your belongings are safe when you use our removal services London!

Don’t hesitate to contact us and receive a free quote!